De-cluttering your home can be a very difficult and daunting task. Here are two tips which should help you to prepare for this challenging experience.

Create a schedule

If you try to throw out all of your unwanted belongings in one fell swoop, you will almost certainly end up feeling overwhelmed. This, in turn, could result in you giving up halfway through the project. Instead, draw up a schedule which will enable you to sort through your possessions at a comfortable pace and thus prevent you from getting mentally 'stuck'.

If there is a huge amount of clutter in every room of your home, spread the work out over the course of two or three months. Tackling one room every weekend might be a good option (bearing in mind that it will probably take at least one day, if not two, to de-clutter an extremely overstuffed garage, bedroom or attic). This gradual approach will make the experience of getting rid of lots of possessions far less emotionally and physically draining.

Organise your supplies

De-cluttering your home is hard work. As such, when you're in the midst of this process, you will almost certainly find yourself looking for excuses as to why you should quit. Not having the necessary supplies serves as an all-too-valid reason for giving up.

This is why it is vital to ensure that you have all of the supplies you need before you begin this project. Some of the most important things you should have are markers and sticky notes for labelling boxes and bags with their intended destination (i.e., the op-shop, landfill or recycling centre), a stepping stool for reaching high shelves and the tops of wardrobes and cabinets (make sure that it is light enough for you to easily carry around the house), and of course refuse bags.

If you don't fancy spending a lot of time dragging your rubbish-filled bags to the landfill, it might be sensible to invest in a skip bin that you can store in your garden or driveway for the duration of the de-cluttering process. Most bin hire companies will deliver the bin to your front door and then come back to collect it (along with the rubbish you've put inside it) whenever you ask them to. Using this type of service will enable you to spend a lot more time de-cluttering and thus allow you to get the work over and done with in a much shorter timeframe.