The autumn cooldown has well and truly arrived in Australia, so now is the time to get all the gardening cleanup taken care of before the colder days of winter come. If you experienced the heavy flooding caused by Cyclone Debbie, there is an easy way to tackle both the storm cleanup and the autumn vegetation disposal in one easy manner. Consider these two reasons why hiring a rubbish bin will make this chore much less of an issue.

Termites In Storm Debris

When Debbie dumped a whole lot of water on the Queensland region, flash flooding occurred. These flood waters created fast currents of water which dumped tree and vegetation debris onto the properties they passed through. The problem with this leftover debris is that there is no indication of where it originated from.

Wood debris, in particular, exposes your home and property to the risk of a termite infestation. Termites can easily survive in trees during a flood, and they love the damp earth and wood left behind when flood waters recede. Hiring a rubbish bin allows you to move all potentially infested wood off your property before the termites decide to move from the infected wood and into your home.

More Cost Effective Than Trips To The Tip

Getting rid of all your autumn garden waste means that not only is it a great time to ditch all the weeds that grew rampant over the summer growth months, but it is also a chance to remove loose palm fronds and other tree branches which can fall during winter.

There are three ways to dispose of the growing pile of garden waste. You can either:

  1. make several trips to the tip with garden debris stuffed in your boot;
  2. hire a trailer and move it all to the tip that way; or
  3. have a rubbish bin delivered to your front driveway for easy loading without having to leave your home.

When you add up the cost of gas, the cost of hiring a trailer, and the cost of your time for driving to and from the tip, you will find having a rubbish bin delivered to your home is an efficient, cost-effective solution to your cleanup chore.

Nobody wants to spend a ton of time cleaning up their garden in autumn, as there are far more enjoyable ways to spend your time. Hire the rubbish bin, spend one weekend filling it up, and then send it on its way so you can get back to spending time with the family.