Hiring skip bins for your household waste, business, construction project, or plant is one of the steps towards efficient and sustainable waste management. However, just like every other transaction, it is normal to wonder about the cost of renting a bin for your waste disposal needs. Skip hire companies charge different prices for their services, but some common factors determine how much you will pay for the rental. This article will address some of these factors, including the measures that you can take to get cheap but quality skip bins for waste disposal.

The size of the bin

One of the primary considerations in the pricing is the size of the bin. Skips come in varying sizes ranging from small ones for domestic use to large bins for residential and commercial use. When hiring one, ensure that you accurately estimate the amount of waste that you will be generating too so that you don't spend more than required for the services. Also, remember that you cannot overfill a bin. Therefore, if you underestimate the weight, you will have to hire another bin, and the overall cost will be extremely high. If you are not sure about your needs, get a bin that's slightly larger than what you think you need.

Duration of hire

When renting a bin, take into account how the company charges, that is, whether it is on a daily or weekly basis. This will help you go for the most affordable option. If you need the bin for two weeks, choosing a pay-per-day package may be expensive in the long run. In this case, you can consider going for a weekly package. On the other hand, if you need it for a two- or three-day renovation project at home, it would be unwise to choose a weekly package. Compare the cost of both packages and ensure that you go with the one that meets your needs and is most affordable.

Location of your premises

Skip hire companies will also take your location into account when renting out a bin. They will incorporate the cost of hiring, labor, and fuel costs into the overall price. If your home or business is far away from the company's location, the fuel costs will be high, and this will hike the overall cost of hiring a bin. If you want to minimize costs, ensure that you hire a company that's close to your area to reduce the fuel and transportation costs.

These are the key things that companies consider when setting the price. However, it is worth comparing quotes from two or three companies as you may find one whose skips are slightly cheaper than the rest.